Review: I Am Dandy: The Return of the Elegant Gentleman, Photographs by Rose Callahan, text by Nathaniel Adams


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The dandy is back! Today, a certain variety of male is discovering contemporary dandyism and giving it their own signature look. In this book, photographer  Rose Callahan teams up with writer Nathaniel Adams to document the well-kept lives of 57 dandies.

Their carefully composed portraits not only depict the clothes, accessories, and the homes of their subjects, they also capture the very essence of their lifestyles.

Even today, men who devote themselves to the finer things in life mostly arouse suspicion. Vanity is frowned upon and lavish grooming is generally deemed to be superficial or unmanly. However, a small but tenacious movement has been defying these social dictates.

Callahan and Adams have spent years exploring the fascinating phenomenon of dandyism. The diversity of the men portrayed in I am Dandy is striking. They come from different countries, cultures, and social circles and make their livings in a range of occupations. By showcasing their styles, and philosophies, the book reveals that dandyism today is an attitude and a calling that can be cultivated on any budget.