The Audi Quattro Book: buying, repairing and tuning, by Dave Pollard

Essential guide to a modern classic
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For a car that was hailed as an instant classic on its debut there is a surprising lack of literature on the Audi Quattro. Sure, it always figures in those round-ups of the most influential cars and the like, and its place in rallying history is secure, but it hasn't had the attention lavished on it that might once have been expected. Perhaps it's the dull looks.

Haynes Publishing, £19.99 In any case we should be especially grateful for Dave Pollard's slim but comprehensive guide to this remarkable vehicle. Perhaps that is why this book is now on its second reprint. Mr Pollard makes the case for the Quattro well. At its launch at the Geneva salon in 1980, the Quattro was the first high-performance production car built on the four wheel-drive principle, at least the first since the very small volume Jensen Interceptor FF of 1966. And as we all know, such a system means safe, sound and entertaining handling.

The Quattro is an affordable and practical classic, well up to modern conditions, but, as with all classics, must be purchased and maintained with care. Mr Pollard's book is an excellent guide to doing so, and is highly commended for anyone with an eye for the Quattro, a car that has been overlooked too long.