The Unfinished Global Revolution, By Mark Malloch-Brown

How to fix the world, by someone in the know

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Mark Malloch-Brown has been Deputy Secretary of the UN, a British government minister, a highly-placed official at the World Bank, and adviser to Cory Aquino, among other important positions; a friend of George Soros and Kofi Annan, he is well-placed to write this book arguing that UN development agencies, international charities and other NGOs are needed to help the world through the growing pains of globalisation, because governments can't or won't do so.

His position is hard to disagree with; but there is not enough analysis of problems such as nationalism. As George Orwell said of HG Wells, yes, we'd all like to see a world state; the question is, how are we to get one? I'd also like to know why American spelling is used throughout.