Wiffle Lever to Full!, By Bob Fischer

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Bob Fischer grew up in the 1980s, a fan of Doctor Who and Star Wars and Blake's 7. Now arrived at man's estate, he embarks on a mission to visit all the sci-fi conventions he can, driving to Stockton, Swindon, York, Cardiff, Nottingham and Peterborough to meet Imperial Stormtroopers, Luke Skywalker wannabes wielding plastic light sabres, Discworld barbarians, Colin Baker out of Doctor Who, Craig Charles out of Red Dwarf and Britt Ekland. As is conventional in these memoirs about male obsession, he has a long-suffering girlfriend, a personification of common sense who wearily indulges his hobby. The narrative is intercut with chapters from "The Battle to Save Earth", a story Fischer wrote when he was eight: these are the most amusing parts of the book.

It's an amiable read, but facetious rather than funny; an attempt to do for SF what Nick Hornby did for football in Fever Pitch, but lacking that book's wit and insight.