box-office charts

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1 (1) Men in Black US

2 (-) The Full Monty UK/US

3 (2) Bean UK/US

4 (-) Conspiracy Theory US

5 (3) Event Horizon US

6 (5) The Lost World: Jurassic Park US

7 (4) Speed 2: Cruise Control US

8 (6) Romy and Michele's Reunion US

9 (8) Lady and the Tramp US

10 (7) Grosse Pointe Blank US


1 (-) The Full Monty UK/US

2 (-) Conspiracy Theory US

3 (1) Men in Black US

4 (2) Event Horizon US

5 (3) Bean UK/US

On the strength of the London audience turn-out, Peter Cattaneo's buttock-clenchingly funny tale of steel-workers turned Chippendales, The Full Monty (starring Robert Carlyle, right), looks set to knock Barry Sonnenfeld's tale of a New York cop turned intergalactic law enforcement agent, Men in Black, off its pedestal next week. Just goes to show: It ain't how big your budget is, it's what you do with it that counts...