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The US chart is bombarded with new releases. Getting Pierced a week before us, America has given Brosnan the thumbs up, sending Goldeneye to the top faster than one of those by-plane-cum-moped-cum-sports-car things that Bond nips up the shops in. It opened on 2,667 screens, 15 more than its closest rival, the Ace Ventura sequel, in which Jim Carrey reprises the role that made him a star, and takes three steps backwards in the process. It opens here on Boxing Day, while Rob Reiner's love story/ political satire The American President, with Michael Douglas as Mr Prez falling for ordinary gal Annette Bening, reaches us in a fortnight.

(All figures denote weekend box-office only.)


1 (-) Goldeneye ($26,205,007) UK

2 (-) Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls ($19,510,643) US

3 (-) The American President ($10,014,558) US

4 (-) It Takes Two ($5,564,147) US

5 (2) Get Shorty ($4,334,185) US

6 (3) Copycat ($3,007,024) US

7 (4) Powder ($2,412,073) US

8 (5) Home for the Holidays ($1,961,239) US

9 (8) Seven ($1,641,769) US

10 (6) Now and Then ($1,510,371) US

Chart supplied by Screen International