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IT IS not usually regarded as a particularly good idea to ruff one of declarer's sure losers, but West was very much on the right track when he did so on this deal.

And, by so doing, West went on to take full advantage of declarer's apparent inability to count up to 10!

South opened with One Club, North responded with One Diamond, and East overcalled with One Heart. South next bid One Spade, and North's jump to game in the suit brought an end to the auction.

It was not altogether difficult for West to judge that his opponents were playing in a 4-4 fit, and, in spite of his partner's heart bid, he led a trump to reduce cross-ruffing. This was exactly how South had been planning to play, but he knew that it was a good principle to cash side winners before thinking of embarking on a cross-ruff.

So, after winning the trump lead, declarer cashed the ace of clubs and then led another. Oh dear! West ruffed and led another trump. Now, whatever South might have tried, he was one trick short.

I am sure that you will have spotted where South went wrong. While his play would have been quite correct if the contract had been Five Spades, he was only in Four!

Once the club ace has held, he is home and dry - three aces and seven trump tricks roll in and 2K is never needed.