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DUMMY DID not have much to offer on this deal, but declarer wrapped up 10 tricks in his spade contract with seeming ease. In fact, West had missed a not-too-well- appreciated defensive point.

South opened One Spade, North raised obstructively to Two Spades and was apprehensive when South jumped to game. West led the queen of diamonds against Four Spades, and, after winning in dummy, declarer finessed the queen of hearts successfully, cashed the ace, and led a low heart. West was quick to rush in with his jack of trumps and followed by forcing South with a diamond.

Now the fourth round of hearts was ruffed in dummy with the nine, and the eight of spades led and run when it was not covered. Now another trump lead from dummy finished matters, and declarer made game with the loss of two spades and a club.

West's ruff of the third round of hearts was premature. Say he discards a diamond and allows dummy to ruff. Declarer comes back with the ace of clubs and plays a fourth heart. Now West ruffs with his jack and plays a diamond. With no entry to dummy, South must lose two more tricks to East's ]A104 as well as a club.

It was certainly a difficult defence to find at the table - even seeing all four hands, I covered two diagrams with crossings-out before I was convinced.