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Love all; dealer East


4Q J

!A 10 8 6 4

#A J 3

29 7 5

West East

4A 4 3 4K 2

!Q 7 5 !K J 9 3

#10 9 8 7 6 2 #K

22 2A Q 10 8 6 4


410 9 8 7 6 5


#Q 5 4

2K J 3

Speculative doubles can pay unexpected dividends. As Leo Baron once wrote: "If you don't sometimes double opponents unsuccessfully, you are not doubling enough."

The bidding needs some explanation: East opened 2! (showing, in a modified Precision Club System, 11-15 points - the singleton #K was hardly full value - exactly four hearts and at least five clubs). South overcalled with 24, West passed and North, clearly expecting more for a Two-level overcall, raised to 44. Whent his came round to West, he chanced a double.

The result was beyond his wildest dreams. He led his singleton club and ruffed the return of 210 on which declarer had played the jack. Although the return had been a suit preference signal for a heart, Wrest sensibly switched to a diamond, for he knew that South held exactly one heart. Mistakenly, Sputh played low from dummy and, after winning with his singleton king, East returned his lowest club.

Again this was a McKenney suit preference signal and again West knew exactly what to do. After ruffing, he led his #2. East trumped with 42 and led yet another club for the defenders to make their two top trumps separately.

It all added up to a delightful bonus of 800 points.