Carnival of the animals

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Carnival of the animals

Light sculpture has always been a problematic area. Is it an attempt at art or a stab at interior design? David Page's latest show, despite the intriguing title, '15 Bitches and a Pig (Woof!)' does little to clarify the situation. Page has presented a line of marching dogs - pedigrees and mongrels of all shapes and sizes, turning the gallery into a canine carnival. The animals have been constructed from tissue paper stretched over wire frames and lit from the inside. The centrepiece is somewhat inexplicably a large glowing pink pig. Could this be an oblique reference to some surreal novel or a 3-D manifestation of an old adage? Are the bitches symbolic of human equivalents with the pink porker representative of your average male chauvinist pig? It little matters. Page obviously enjoys this paper manipulation and must have loved childhood Christmas festivities. He might have even dabbled in origami. There is a naive, childlike quality evinced in the cutesy dogs posed in loveable attitudes which says Hamleys more than high art. As a sniggering gesture, the dogs are seen against a landscape of "twinkly bushes", so the precious pups have a handy public convenience should the need arise.

Rebecca Hossack Gallery, 35 Windmill St, W1 (0171-436 4899) to 27 May