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FOUNDED IN 1881, and hence in its 119th year, the British Chess Magazine (BCM) is the world's oldest continuously published chess magazine. Eight years or so ago, the British Chess Federation (BCF) sold it to the grandmaster Murray Chandler, who also became editor.

But this limited Murray to just a couple of tournaments a year. So now, with the burgeoning success of the new but already highly successful Gambit Publications, of which he is managing director, and a desire to return to active play, Chandler is relinquishing his post and has also taken the opportunity to sell his shares.

As a result, the company is now owned by Ray Edwards, who was and is chairman of the board both under the BCF and under Chandler; the former Welsh international John Saunders, who will be taking over as editor next month; and an external investor, the Midland Enterprise Fund for Greater London.

I'm sure that the new team won't hurry to change such a venerable magazine. But the most immediate effect should be on the BCM's website - The new editor already runs two highly successful web pages. The Four Nation Chess League's (4NCL) Home Page is and will remain at http://wkweb1. index.htm, but the British chess news stories which he has been featuring on that site will now be transferred to the BCM's home page. Saunders's pet project is Britbase, a huge and rapidly growing archive of tournaments played in the British Isles. Currently at http: // ders/Britgame.htm, this too will move to the BCM.

The current May 1999 issue of the BCM is fairly typical with two main tournament reports, various letters to the editor - some of which are bracingly forthright; a report on the 4NCL, and various regular departments including "Quotes and Queries", "Endgame Studies", the always informative review section which features as top of the bill John Nunn's Puzzle Book (Gambit, pounds 13.99), and "Spot the Continuation", which this time has positions from that book.

Black to play

Rodgaard vs Nunn Thessaloniki Olympiad 1988

Much easier than most of Nunn's examples he gives this a difficulty of 1/5. Black to play won immediately with 1 ...Rxd2! 2 Rxd2 Rxe3+ 3 Kh4 Kh6! 4 g3 g5+ 5 Kh3 Nf4 mate!

The BCM Chess Shop is at 69 Masbro Road, Kensington, London W14 0LS (0171-603 2877). Single issues cost pounds 2.85; a year's subscription (12 issues) costs pounds 29 in the UK