CHILDREN / First past the post

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MANY theories about birth order are based on statistically flawed studies, but psychologists believe these observations about first-borns to be broadly true:

First-borns receive more verbal stimulation in infancy but any advantages gained level out in later years.

When asked, children consistently report that parental strictness decreases from first to last child.

Later-borns tend to plead and reason to get their own way whereas first-borns are more likely to use physical power. First-borns describe themselves, and were described by siblings, as being more bossy and prone to use force. Second children described themselves, and were described by siblings, as more likely to whine, tell tales and to try to induce feelings of guilt.

First-borns identify more strongly with their parents than other children.

First-borns report having more communication and being more influenced by parents.

First-borns and third-borns share more interests than first- and second-borns.

First-borns are under more pressure to achieve at pre-school age.

There is more evidence for a 'first-born personality' than for later-borns.