Choice: Dance

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Royal Ballet's Cinderella, Royal Festival Hall, London SE1 (0171- 960 4242) 7.30pm

Originally created for Margot Fonteyn, she turned out to be not all right on the night so Moira Shearer went to the ball in Frederick Ashton's take on the girl who never shopped at Dolcis. Tonight, le domestique is danced by Sylvie Guillem (above). Although not a conventional Ashton ballerina, Guillem not only powers through the steps but brings Perrault's abused child touchingly to life. She is partnered by the Latin loverboy-esque Inaki Urlezaga from down Argentina way whose meteoric rise continues unchecked, although mark my words, should he mess up with Sylvie, his days will be numbered, I'll be bound. All that and Prokofiev's thriller of a score. Not to be confused with Matthew Bourne's production at the Piccadilly Theatre. David Benedict