Choice: The Critics

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Crumb Riveting, bizarre and often grim, this is a portrait of the artist as a fruitcake. Robert Crumb is every bit as peculiar as his cult cartoon strips would suggest; just wait until you meet the rest of the family.

Death and the Maiden Catch up with this for Sigourney Weaver's towering, unspeakably fragile performance as the torture victim who wreaks an unsparing revenge on the man she believes was her tormentor (Ben Kingsley).

Bullets over Broadway The dark undercurrents of Woody Allen's Prohibition- era comedy never quite convince, but everything else is right on the money, including the dotty cast: Chazz Palminteri, Jim Broadbent and the deserved Oscar winner Dianne Wiest as an actress who makes demands on playwright John Cusack (right).