Album: Antonio Carlos Jobim, Heitor Villa-Losbos, Brasilia, Sinfonia De Alvorada; Floresta Do Amazonas (él)

Commissioned by President Juscelino Kubitschek in 1958 for the opening ceremony of his planned new city of Brasilia, Antonio Carlos Jobim's Brasilia, Sinfonia De Alvorada is a curious piece, with orchestration akin to a Latin American Aaron Copland celebrating another Big Country, punctuated with sundry bird-noises and its five sections alternating with the sententious declamation of Vinicius De Moraes's narrative about man's taming of the Amazon.

It's paired here with Villa-Lobos's Floresta Do Amazonas, a bombastic tone-poem stuffed with strident horns, woody percussion and ebullient chorale.

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