Album: Dario Marianelli, Jack Liebeck, Jane Eyre: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (Sony Classical)

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Maranelli's score for Jane Eyre is aided immeasurably by Jack Liebeck, whose sporadic flourishes of wild Gypsy violin lend a windswept, romantic character to tracks like "Wandering Jane" and "Waiting for Mr Rochester", in which the rippling piano motif cranks the tension inexorably up.

But there's a pleasing unity to the score, a sensibility which links the brooding warmth of "Mrs Reed Is Not Quite Finished" and the chill shiver of strings that concludes "Jane's Escape". Particularly effective is "The End of Childhood", in which the harp, strings and piano are tinted with hints of woodwind and vocal in the upper register, like harbingers of complex adulthood.

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