Album: John Cage, A Cage of Saxophones, Vols 3 & 4 (Mode)

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This second double-CD collection of Cage's saxophone works focuses on the Cagean principle of indeterminacy, applied to Tools on the first disc, and Just Structures on the second.

This stretches the repertoire to include pieces not specifically written for the instrument, such as the tape collage "Fontana Mix", which here remixes parts of other tracks to Zappa-esque results, notably the "Sextet for Low Woodwinds" and the half-hour pieces "Four6" and "One7", which offer the most aurally satisfying realisations here. Included are two versions of the silent piece "4' 33", one performed with the windows shut, the other with the windows open: not taking the mickey, just taking the air. Literally.

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