Album: Juice, Songspin, (Nonclassical)

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The range of this new young vocal trio is immense, their a cappella journeys on this debut album taking in everything from traditional folk to Berio-esque deconstruction, delivered with perfect pitch and an ear for the most apt harmony.

On Elisabeth Lutyens' "Of the Snow", the vocables are delicate and accumulative; on Paul Robinson's "Triadic Riddles of Water", they combine in brook-like babbling interplay; while Kerry Andrews's "Lullaby for the Witching Hour" is suitably spooky. Elsewhere, Andrews's "luna-cy" offers a remarkable assemblage of choreographed keening phrases and sustained glissandi, and Gabriel Prokofiev's "Vue sur la ville depuis la montagne" builds a marvellous vista. .

DOWNLOAD THIS luna-cy; Vue sur la ville depuis la montagne; Of the Snow; Lullaby for the Witching Hour (Remix)