Album: Snow Palms, Intervals (Village Green)


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Better known as one-third of post-rockers State River Widening, David Sheppard here collaborates with producer Chris Leary as Snow Palms, a percussion-based unit whose creations owe much to the mallet music of Steve Reich, Moondog and Indonesian gamelan orchestras.

Blending the resonant metallic tinklings of glockenspiel, xylophone and marimba with subtle shadings of strings, guitars and keyboards, the pieces on Intervals possess an elegant formality akin to Reich's "Drumming" and "Music for 18 Musicians", albeit in miniature form, with cello casting a subtle bleakness over the metallophones of "Atoll", and organ and string quartet lightening the rigid rhythmic bonds of "White Sea".

Download: Snow Light; Atoll; Delta Switching