Album: Theodore Kerkezos, Légende (Onyx)

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Sadly, the saxophone is rarely present in classical orchestral surroundings. Indeed, three of the five pieces performed here by Cretan saxophonist Theodore Kerkezos with the LSO were commissioned in the early 1900s by sax evangelist Elise Boyer Hall, in a bid to create a repertoire for the instrument.

Debussy's Rapsodie Pour Orchestre Et Saxophone Solo drew on Parisian street vendors' cries for some motifs, investing the material with an urban bustle, though it was also infused with a Moorish flavour – a blend of the exotic and the urbanewhich also found in Tomasi's Concerto Pour Saxophone Et Orchestre and Schmitt's Légende, and indicative of the bohemian hauteur which is the instrument's dominant characteristic in a classical context.

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