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FUTURE PERFECT @ hanover grand

Last year I received a phone call from the irate promoter of Future Perfect. My crime had been to suggest that FP's exodus from the Hanover Grand was partly a result of an unsuccessful attempt to follow Hanover's hugely successful Saturday night, Malibu Stacey. I was told that FP was still going strong and was simply moving on.

A few months later, I heard FP was relaunching a Saturday-night residency at Hanover. So I decided to check it out last week, and was mightily impressed.

Maybe the recent onset of sunshine has cheered everyone up, but Future Perfect's first May party was as electric as a month's worth of the Pepsi Chart Show (which is filmed at the same venue) without the need for stencilled queue cards which read "applaud loudly".

Jon "Pleased" Wimmin and Stretch & Vern kept the crowd moving for seven hours. It seemed that everybody was in the mood to party. From the crowds outside to a full lobby and throbbing dancefloor, it was a night to remember. They're back!

6 Hanover Street, W1 (0171-499 7977) tonight 10.30pm-5.30pm, pounds 10-pounds 15