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I spend Saturday evening gazing at the Chicago skyline. While the swaying forms of a band bring the mellow rhythms of blues to my ears, chicken marinaded in pepper and peanut butter ensures my stomach also gets the American feel.

Blues West 14 has been in Russell Gardens, near Olympia, for almost a year now, the result of owner Ramona da Gama's passion for blues music which she acquired while visiting America in the Eighties. Inspired by the Blues Alley Club in Washington DC, it offers members the chance to get a taste of all things American.

Meanwhile the Linus Y Project is playing on the low flat stage which commands the attention of a venue seating around 80. The club's late licence means it's open until 2am on Fridays and Saturdays and until midnight on other nights.

Linus Y, a bass guitarist with a single dreadlock on his otherwise bald head, is a regular, as is Marilyn Bailey, a singer who has previously appeared with Billy Ocean and Sade. Other blues treats this month include Get-Z-Loose and the Sandy Dillon Band.

The recently finished Chicago mural, by Canadian Karen Gillies, is the club's latest feature. Together with the culinary talents of club chef, Quashie Forster-Jones, it contributes to an evening which is musically, atmospherically and digestively satisfying to blues lovers of all ages.

11 Russell Gardens, W14 (071-603 7878) Tue-Sat 8pm, Sun 1pm-8pm, non-members £3.50 weekdays, £5 Fri/Sat, members and guests free