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Sir Bernard Chumley Wed to Fri

New End Theatre, London NW3

If Sir Peter Ustinov would be at the top of most lists for the perfect after-dinner speaker, Sir Bernard Chumley would be somewhere near the bottom. An absurdly over-the-top luvvie, given to moments of outrageous abuse, Sir Bernard is the inspired creation of Matt Lucas, who is also the face and the brains behind the manic grown-up baby, George Dawes, in Shooting Stars. "Sir Bernard is an actor and raconteur," Lucas says, "like a thin Peter Ustinov, or Ned Sherrin with more hair. For the past year, he's been doing some feminist theatre which went down great with the birds. His aim is always to bring theatre to the masses."

New End Theatre, London (0171-794 0022) Wed to Fri