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Jimeoin Wed to Sat 21 Nov

The phrase "big in Australia" conjures up ghastly images of Rolf Harris or, worse, of Paul Hogan. Fortunately, the Irish-born comedian Jimeoin (above), to whom the phrase also applies, is not cut from the same cringe-making cloth. In fact, he should probably be celebrated as Australia's greatest export since Pommy-bashing. Having finished work as a scriptwriter and lead actor on The Craic - a feature film shot on location in Australia - he is returning to the London stage for his first solo show in a couple of years. His style is what you might call "Irish Rover". You - and by his own admission, he - never quite knows where an anecdote is going to lead, but that's a major part of his charm. As with Billy Connolly or Eddie Izzard, it's the getting there rather than the arriving that matters.

Cochrane Theatre, London, WC1 (0171-242 7040) Wed to Sat 21 Nov


Armando Iannucci

Do you want to know why Robin Cook is big in Turkey or why Gerry Adams looks like Moira Stuart? Then Armando Iannucci's your man. In his show, Out of His Box - more Q & A than straight stand-up - the presenter of Friday Night Armistice and producer of I'm Alan Partridge shows that he's a dab hand when it comes to one-liners.

Oxford Old Fire Station (0186-579 4490) tonight; Bristol Old Vic (0117-987 7877) tomorrow

Ian Cognito

Age (he is now pushing 40) has done little to dim the fire that burns within Ian Cognito. "I'm like Marlon Brando in The Wild One. When he's asked, `What are you rebelling against?', he says, `What have you got?' I open the papers in the morning and think, `What shall I get wound up about today'?" This level of passion makes for an incendiary stage-show.

Monday Club, Madame Jo Jo's, London W1 (0171-371 6863) Mon