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Jeff Green Mon to Sat 5 Dec

Jeff Green admits to feeling nervous before his big-break West End run. "Sometimes I sit in the corner and think, `what have I done?' Maybe I could go back to my old job at BOC. I could pick it all back up again. I'm sure they still need gas salesmen." That shouldn't be necessary. His gentle, approachable, observational style should go down well on the big stage. "I want to be liked. I'm not confrontational. I'm the brunt of all my stories. When I started 10 years ago, it was about the comedy of piss-taking. But it's too easy to joke about something you hate. Where does that get us?" His most fertile area is discussing relationships. "Most comedy is about conflict, and I find conflict in relationships. I'm a crap boyfriend. But a lot of what I do gets the audience nudging each other and saying, `that's you, that is'."

Apollo Theatre, London W1 (0171-494 5500)