COMEDY: GIG OF THE WEEK: Scott Capurro Fri

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Those mortified by Queer As Folk, Channel 4's drama series about gay life, should avoid the Improv on Friday night. The gay American comedian Scott Capurro, who tops the bill there, is so in-your-face he virtually comes out the other side. "I'm relentless," he admits cheerfully. "I don't let things go." For all that, he finds audiences over here much more receptive to his unique brand of wickedly sharp humour. The only thing that really worries Brits, he contends, is the fact that he is an American. "That offends audiences a lot more than my being queer," he laughs. "I can't imagine what it must be like to be deluged by someone else's culture - films, music, magazines. It's a constant barrage. Everyone hates Americans. We're annoying." Scott Capurro heads a bill also featuring Jeff Mirza and Les Keen and compered by

John Lenehan.

Improv, London W1 (0171-413 1777) Fri


Bob Downe

Bob Downe is the King of Kitsch. The spoof Australian crooner- comedian and leading regional daytime television presenter from New South Wales is never happier than when emoting his way through "Voulez-Vous Coucher Avec Moi Ce Soir?" in a white suit apparently remaindered from Saturday Night Fever.

Lewisham Theatre, Catford (0181-690 0002) Tue, Alban Theatre, St Albans (01727 844488) Thur; Wycombe Swan Theatre, High Wycombe (01494 512000) Fri

Gina Yashere

Gina Yashere, who shared the bill with such comedy luminaries as Jo Brand, Arthur Smith and Billy Bragg at the Ken Livingstone benefit last week, has a growing reputation. Described by one newspaper as "a British rival for Whoopi Goldberg", this lively talent is joined by the accomplished John Simmit (who has the distinction of having played Dipsy in Teletubbies), Glazz Campbell and Geoff Aymer.

The Tabernacle, London W11 (0171-565 7800) Fri