COMEDY: Jo Enright

Edinburgh Festival: Fringe
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COMEDY Jo Enright Jo Enright is a munchkin. Tugging on her black slacks like a five-year- old, the Brummie stand-up makes cheeky observations on women's face shapes and the nourishment value of Arctic Roll. She's the kind of comic who bounces across the stage, has a natter to the audience, then forgets what her joke is actually about, as she traces her life from snotty first-bra- wearing teen to woman who dribbles on the Tube. Her floundering attempt to impersonate Gita of EastEnders is a joy: she's bent-double at her own failure. Then she begs the audience to look away so she can compose herself. It's not the smoothest way to do a show, but it's very effective. Only the 10-minute character sketch about Yvonne the hairdresser jars in an ebullient, girly show that has just enough cheeky exuberance to win over even die-hard lads.

Pleasance, venue 33, to Aug 30 (not 26). 8.15pm. Maddy Costa