Bill Bailey: 'I'm addicted to Breaking Bad'

Cultural Life: The comedian on his favourite music, film, tv and theatre picks

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I went to see Louis C K at the Hammersmith Apollo, and although it was some time ago, I just thought it was such a brilliant performance. He’s at the top of his game, and as a comic you really appreciate the work that’s gone into his show. His storytelling has a forensic amount of detail to it. He plays with the audience – the mark of a great comic.


I’ve been utterly addicted to Breaking Bad. I love the cinematic ambition of it – the camera is always under Walt’s nose, it’s so claustrophobic. When I finish a gig, I watch a lot of late-night TV in a daze. There’s a show called Crazy Beaches, and it’s full of people behaving badly.


I’m currently reading The Old Ways by Robert MacFarlane. He writes about the old pathways of Britain and how they’ve inspired literature. His attention to detail really brings history to life.


Performing in Sweden rekindled my love of Swedish music, so I bought the latest Hives album, Lex Hives. If I play it before a gig I’ll be jumping around my dressing room. It has a nostalgic sound that reminds me of early Eighties power-punk, but there’s a surge of Ramones-based energy in it.

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