Cultural Life: Sarah Millican, comedian

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Comedy: I recently drove all the way to Derby to see Sean Lock perform. Professional and hilarious in his interaction with the crowd, it was exactly how it should have been: a great reception for a great comedian. Sometimes at comedy gigs I find myself analysing the material but this really felt like a night off. I also really enjoyed hearing new material from Juliet Meyers and Sally-Anne Hayward when I performed alongside them in Manchester. It's great to see comedians totally different to yourself. They are both exceptionally funny.

Television: I'm a huge fan of 'Glee'. Every episode I watch makes me that much happier, and I think it should be obligatory for all people to watch it. I just love the joy! That being said, I've also been gripped by the recent, controversial storyline in 'EastEnders'. It's not one to watch for a laugh but it is tense and engrossing.

Film: It seemed wrong to look forward to watching a man cut his arm off, and especially weird having dined at a carvery before going to the cinema, but Danny Boyle's '127 Hours' didn't disappoint. I enjoyed 'Catfish', the American "documentary" about a man who builds a romantic relationship over Facebook. I thought it was relevant and brilliant.

Music: Lately, I have been listening to En Vogue. And the theme to 'Rocky' always makes me feel ready for anything!

Books: I've been enjoying Andrew Collins' 'Where Did It All Go Right?' Some memoirs can be a little "woe is me", but this is just about a normal childhood in the Seventies. How could you not want to read a book where the tagline is, "They tucked him up, his Mum and Dad"?

Sarah Millican's 'Chatterbox' tour starts at Warwick Arts Centre, Coventry, on 29 January. A live DVD of the tour will be available later in the year