Jigsaw: A comedy show that has got the ex-factor

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When it comes to heartache they say time is a great healer. They don't say much about performing a comedy show about your ex, and another one with your ex. But that is what stand-ups Tom Craine and Nat Luurtsema are doing at the Fringe.

The two comedians dated for years before breaking up in 2011 but still perform together in Jigsaw, a sketch trio with Dan Antopolski. "We don't argue. We couldn't, really," says Luurtsema. "It's all very friendly. Too friendly, perhaps. Anyway, we couldn't split the group now. Dan would be really sad."

To add insult to injury both halves are also performing solo stand-ups this year about their break-up. "I've seen his lots of times but Tom hasn't seen mine in Edinburgh yet. Let's hope there are no unpleasant surprises in there for him. I like to be very honest in my stand-up although it's different when you're talking about someone else.

Audiences should come see it before he does, get the unedited version," says Luurtsema who last year wrote a book, Cuckoo in the Nest, which also talked about the break-up. "I haven't read it" says Craine. "I know how it ends. It ends with with me crying in a bath."

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