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This year my Edinburgh show is drastically overrunning, sometimes by as much as 60 minutes. One night it ran from 6.40pm until midnight. Let me explain. At the end of every show, I try to get an audience member to go on a date with me and whilst I don't think of the date as a part of the show, the beady eyes spying on me and my "quarry" suggest otherwise.

There have already been some adventures, including dates with not one, but two gay students, a man who brought his kids to the bar and a date that included going to see two other shows (hence the midnight finish).

Dating like a demon every night has certainly taken my attention away from some of my Edinburgh pet peeves, like scouring the papers and websites for reviews. My policy this year is to ignore them all. And secretly hope that someone texts me saying, "Well done on that five-star review!"

I'm doing things a little differently this year including pacing myself throughout the month. My flat mates and I are often proudly heard declaring to each other, "Didn't drink tonight" as though it's something to be lauded. Where else does that happen? It'd be like a WAG proudly declaring, "Didn't shop today. Even went into Armani. Didn't buy a thing."

Andi Osho: All the Single Ladies, Pleasance Courtyard (0131 556 6550) to 29 August

Andi Osho's must-see

The show I'm most excited about is Tim Key's 'Masterslut' at the Pleasance Dome. It's the closest to escapism I've experienced in a comedy show. I saw 'Slutcracker' last year and absolutely loved it. On top of that, Pyjama Men (at the Assembly Hall) and The Horne Section (at Assembly George Square) are superb fun but if you're looking for something particularly amusing, why not come to the Pleasance Courtyard and watch me on one of my rather awkward dates?