My Edinburgh: Bridget Christie, Comedian


The Edinburgh Fringe is the best arts festival in the  world.  Performers from all over the  globe stage over 2,000 shows every day for a month. But my favourite thing to do is to eat four pickled eggs in a row and some chips on a bench on The Royal Mile.  Not when the fourth one has gone  off though, like last year. 

I  nearly got sick on a mime artist. I said to my husband [Stewart Lee], “Smell that!  Is that alright do you think?  I can’t tell anymore." And he said “Yes,  eggs smell eggy.  Tuck in!”.  I think he’s trying to kill  me.

I have my four pickled eggs on the same bench every year now,  and this is my eighth year in a row.  If someone is already sat on the bench,  I stand in front of them, with my eggs, until they leave.  In all those eight years, only one egg has  been rotten. 

Whereas most of the  300 shows I have seen in that time have been awful.  A lot of people think that the Fringe  has been spoiled by over-commercialisation, and I agree.  It should be replaced the Edinburgh  Pickled Egg Festival.  I’d like to  see what the award for the best pickled egg looked like. Do you think it would be a massive  plastic egg? Can you imagine all the funny egg yolk/joke puns it would  inspire?  I can think of one  already.  But you’ll have to wait three minutes to hear it.

Bridget Christie: War Donkey, The Assembly Rooms, to 26 (0844 693 3008)

Must see

Apart from the eggs, my favourite Edinburgh thing is Nick Pynn (Inlingua, 9.45pm). He conjures beautiful sounds from a variety of often home-made stringed instruments in a tiny candlelit room. I love taking friends and family along to be amazed and inspired. My Edinburghs wouldn’t be the same without Nick Pynn.