My Edinburgh: Jessica Ransom, comedian

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It's always so nice to come back to Edinburgh - this is my eighth time at the festival with various different shows over the years. I find that it takes me ages to get anywhere as I keep bumping into mates and stopping for a chat. That's my favourite thing about the festival, you're surrounded by other comics going through the same weird month of performing everyday and it's a really supportive place to be.

I always make a beeline for an amazing Mosque Kitchen curry fairly soon after I arrive. They used to operate out of the back of the mosque but have now got a swanky restaurant on Nicolson Street. The curry is still cheap and brilliant though.

I think my biggest tip for surviving the Fringe is to try and remember that the world still exists outside Edinburgh. It's really easy to get caught up in the festival and forget. I find a combination of reading the whole of a newspaper (not just the reviews section), listening to Test Match Special and watching some kind of trashy reality TV usually keeps me from going too far into the Edinburgh bubble. This time I've got the added distraction that I'm getting married in September so once the festival is in full swing we're going to get cracking on wedding planning.

Jessica Ransom: Unsung Heroes, Pleasance Courtyard (0131 556 6550) to 29 August

Jessica Ransom's must-see

I would thoroughly recommend seeing 'Max and Ivan Are... Holmes and Watson' at the Pleasance Courtyard. This is a slightly naughty recommendation as I directed their show but they are brilliant so go along and check them out. I'm also super-excited about seeing all of the solo shows by the Penny Dreadfuls – Thom Tuck, David Reed and Humphrey Ker – and also Adam Buxton's 'Bug'.