My Edinburgh: Phill Jupitus, comedian

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It is difficult to narrow down exactly how to best absorb the multifarious delights of Edinburgh in August but make the effort to book a few of your own favourites online before you come, which will give your visit a bit of structure. Then when you do hit town, ask friends what they liked. By the end of the first week the buzz about good shows is always palpable. Above all else, take risks. Last year I spent an hour with a small audience helpless with laughter watching three Japanese clowns.

If you are on a budget, Peter Buckley Hill's excellent Free Fringe provides venues all over the city for hundreds of shows every year. Also don't forget to take in Edinburgh itself, from the damp subterranean vibe of Cowgate, the cool granite frontages of New Town to the harsh volcanic splendour of Arthur's Seat.

This year I am performing in two shows, an improv gig at The Gilded Balloon in the afternoon and a solo stand-up show at The Stand in the evening. I've always had the best time in Edinburgh when I've kept busy. If I had been a bit more on the ball I'd have thrown in a third early morning show at The Free Fringe as well. Still, there's always next year...

Phill Jupitus Quartet: Made Up, Gilded Balloon (0131 622 6552) and Phill Jupitus: Stand Down, The Stand (0131 558 7272) both to 28 August

Phill Jupitus's must-sees

My favourite shows so far include Rose (at the Pleasance Courtyard), a play by Hywel John, starring Art Malik and his daughter Kiera as a father and daughter. Riveting, funny, moving and brilliant. Dead Cat Bounce – Caged Heat (Pleasance Courtyard). Forget all the Spinal Tap comparisons, DCB rock harder and in their own unique style. And Glenn Wool – No Land's Man (Assembly George Square). The laconic bearded Canadian is in fine form at the moment. Your view of beavers will be forever changed. Hilarious.