My Edinburgh: Sara Pascoe, Comedian

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I really like it up here. If Britain was a house, then Scotland is this beautiful airy loft with hills in it. And catching the train is like climbing the stairs. Climbing the stairs from London for four-and-half hours, after which your legs would be well achey, but the view is worth it.

But I’m far too busy being self absorbed to enjoy the view. When you are doing a solo show, you’re allowed to be a twit. Yesterday I wore a bright orange Halloween jumper with cats dressed as witches on it. And a green hat. And I walked around the centre of Edinburgh really, really fast and angrily. This is to persuade people that I am a crazy genius with huge thoughts on my mind.

It is easier to behave like a genius than it is to write a show like one. A genius creates a work with no concept of audience. I am far too aware of the audience, the first five minutes of my show, while I am talking, I am secretly working out which of them I fancy.

Oh, by the way, my nose is bleeding as I write this, I’ve had a twitch in my eye for nearly three weeks and I have recurring anxiety dreams in which I accidentally kill other people’s children. But I am just enjoying all that, in a masochistic ‘it’s good to feel alive’ genius kind of way.


John Kearn’s Dinner Party on the Free Fringe is gross and delightful and has sick jokes in it that you’ll revel in telling people afterwards. It’s such fun. Another good one is Lou Sanders' How to Be Awesome: An Introduction at the Gilded Balloon. Lou could make eating a yogurt hilarious. She has such a unique comedy brain.

Sara Pascoe vs the Apocalypse, Pleasance Dome (0131 556 6550) to 29 August (not 16)