My Edinburgh: Tom Deacon, Comedian and DJ

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This is my third year performing at the Fringe and I’m serving up my second one-hour show, Can I Be Honest?

It’s a good opportunity for people to see how different my stand-up act is from the Radio 1 show I present on Sunday nights. Let’s just say it's exactly what the show would be like, if I didn’t have to play any songs and could just talk about myself… in all honesty. I have acquired many likes and dislikes over the years gigging at the festival, here are just a few;

I like the city of Edinburgh.

I can’t stand Edinburgh’s soggy climate, it doesn’t agree with me, or rather, my hair. The humidity is having a devastating effect on my do - ‘floofy’ has never been a good look.

I like the Scottish accent.

I loathe taxi drivers who say, “I know a shortcut!”. It's never a shortcut. It’s worse when they ‘accidentally’ go the wrong way. “Oh the DOME? I thought you said HOME… this is where I live! Welcome to Leith”.

I like walking to my show and seeing the sights.

I don’t like physics defying rain. I don’t have an umbrella, Edinburgh renders the umbrella a useless item, it’s the only city that has horizontal, and sometimes UPWARD rain.

I like performing my show every night.

I really don’t like those actor-types that enjoy the sound of their own voice, “Ya, literally, I’m in a play.” STOP SHOUTING.

Tom Deacon: Can I be Honest?, Pleasance Dome (0131 556 6550), to 29 Aug


Jimmy McGhie: Artificial Intelligence. I’m actually living with Jimmy during the festival and I promise you he is a far funnier comedian than he is in real life. In the house he’s all falafel and early nights, but on stage he’s brilliant. Cleverly his show is on straight after mine in the same venue, so you wont have far to travel.