My Edinburgh: Tom Rosenthal, Comedian

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Edinburgh can be a hard and wet place. Honestly I’ve found myself to be far happier just staying inside my brand new student apartment marvelling at the lights which turn on and off without a switch (motion sensor). But if I had to recommend somewhere to go it would be Tesco. It has such a fine assortment of products to buy, everything from vegetables to cleaning utensils. An amazing place, really.

I have also found a lovely little coffee shop on the Royal Mile called Starbucks. The service is very friendly and they even have a system in place whereby you can order when you are in the queue. Once you’ve purchased your coffee / tea they also have little containers of different flavoured powders to sprinkle on your beverage. Great.

In terms of eateries I have discovered a nice family business just by South Bridge called Pizza Express. The service and quality of food is superior to anything else I’ve found here. There are also two other eateries which do exactly what they say on the tin. Piemaker make pies. Seriously worth checking out, so long as you are willing to pay through the nose! A place for slightly shallower pockets is the Steak and Mussel Bar, who offer a fine selection of vegetarian meals at very fair prices.

Whenever I say anything about how the show's going, or how it will go, or what it will require to make things go badly, or well, I am petrified that in some way I am jinxing my future well-being up here. To be honest, writing about how it's going is absolutely the worst thing to be doing to rectify this. So, on grounds of metaphysical future-altering positive or negative mutterings about the state of things, I will just say that a show under the title 'Tom Rosenthal - Child of Privilege' has been performed to people a series of times at the correct time and place, and about this I am so happy to be living out a dream of performing my debut hour at the Edinburgh Festival.

Tom Rosenthal: Child of Privilege, Pleasance Courtyard (0131 556 6550), to 29 Aug

My Must-Sees

Colin Hoult’s Inferno at Pleasance Courtyard. His show last year totally blew me away. His is a theatrical, immersive and delicate style of comedy, so full of humanity and ghoulish character. I can’t wait to see him this year. Also Masterslut, at Pleasance Dome from Tim Key – he’s good at comedy.