My Edinburgh: Tom Wrigglesworth, comedian

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This is my third year coming up to Edinburgh and by now I've found my secret weapon: fruit smoothies, laced with plenty of ginger. I bring a smoothie-making machine up to the Fringe with me and I assign my survival to it, entirely. I also give up smoking for the month – I'm constantly giving up smoking – and stop drinking, or at least massively cut down. Inevitably it ends up slipping.

Every morning, I'll get up, have my smoothie start, go for a swim and see a few people and I always try to factor in a little nap before my show. I usually try to play five-a-side football a couple of times a week, too. There are a few comics who are quite good at football, but it's pretty much always a farce.

Every year I vow to see more shows but I never get round to it. I always bookmark one really weird thing to see – like Polish opera – and I try to see Antonio Forcione at the Assembly Rooms. It's usually a bit more high-brow up there, isn't it? I try to avoid the Royal Mile at all costs – flyering up there is soul-destroying. Is it worth it? Who knows? You walk down there and all you end up with is a lot of recycling. Word of mouth is the thing – you'll always trust your friend over anyone or anything else.

The Fringe is a place of highs and lows. Last year I got nominated for the Edinburgh Comedy Award and on the night I made the shortlist, I got booed off at Jongleurs. I was trying my hardest but I went from hero to villain in 15 minutes. I had a phone full of congratulatory texts and a club full of stag and hen nights, baying for my blood.

'Tom Wrigglesworth's Nightmare Dream Wedding', Pleasance Courtyard (0131 556 6550) to 29 August