Comedy duo admitted to hallowed halls of British Museum

The Gentlemen of Leisure are first comedy act allowed to perform a tour at the London-based museum

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A group of comedians are heading to the British Museum next week for a unique tour of human civilisation.

Nish Kumar and Tom Neenan from comedy double-act The Gentlemen of Leisure are set to act as tour guides for an interactive comedy show which takes in some of the most famous objects in human history.

From the Rosetta Stone to the Eglin Marbles the show promises to provide a novel insight into the exhibits and recant anecdotes of the explorers who ‘discovered’ the exhibits while on their travels.

The British Museum tour is part of a growing trend in comedy to abandon the traditional comedy club in search of more inspiring venues to perform. From laundrettes in Clapham to night-time tours of Dalston market or even your own livingroom, comedy routines can be now found in the most unusual places.

For organiser Kumar, who has previously hosted comedy shows in banks and churches, new locations provide a special atmosphere: “Site specific comedy like the museum tour definitely has a special feel.

“Comedy appearing in places it doesn’t belong adds an extra layer of excitement to proceedings.”

The Gentlemen of Leisure are the first comedians to be allowed to perform in the Museum following a successful trial last year. For Kumar it is an exciting proposition: “The British Museum contains some of the most incredible objects that chart the development of human civilization.

“It’s incredible that we are allowed to stand near them and be very stupid.”

The Gentlemen of Leisure tour of the British Museum takes place on 18 January.