Andrew Maxwell: The Lights Are On, Assembly George Square, Edinburgh

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The lights are almost always on in Andrew Maxwell's sprightly mind. After his 2009 show, The Lamp, which, ironically, displayed a dimming in quality, the Irishman is back on form. And he is as quick as ever to give us what we need – namely a valve for the antipathy building up towards a world that is continually throwing up events as unsettled as the weather.

He is straight into the UK riots, imagining Seb Coe in the foetal position, crying over the loss of the Olympic spirit. Of the geographic and racial variation of the rioters, he says: "Black kids in London, Asian kids in Birmingham and white kids in Manchester: it's a scumbag rainbow."

Maxwell broad-brushes with a broad grin and that last gag indicates the ground he seeks to cover. He tickles the Celts, teases the English, winds up the faiths and goes for a wander abroad where appropriate.

"Israel wouldn't feel safe it was being spooned by the Hulk," the bowl-haired comic says, before criticising Pakistan for hindering the search for Bin Laden as well as England's ire towards Pakistan for being more focused on cricket. This is an equal-opportunities tour de force from a master mocker.

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