Dead Cat Bounce, Gilded Balloon

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Among the many, many musical comedy acts making a noise on the Fringe this year, Dead Cat Bounce enjoy two distinct advantages.

First the venue – the basement nightclub of the Gilded Balloon – lends their supergroup posturings the feel of a real live gig. And second, in James Walmsley, they have a lead singer who looks like a bona fide rock star.

Jagger cheekbones aside, Walmsley’s voice – a versatile instrument that moves from boy-band crooning to glam-rock falsetto with uncanny ease - is key to the success of their particular brand of polished pastiche with a sprinkling of surreal lyrics. The rest of the band – geeky keyboardist Mick Cullinan, bandana-wearing bassist Shane O’Brien and Animal-style drummer Demian Fox – are equally talented. Between them, they’ve got all the musical bases covered. Part of the joy of this gloriously silly hour is in its barmy mixing of styles; you never know what’s coming next - a fireman’s rap (read hose for hos) or an inappropriate kids’ television jingle. Not quite all killer and no filler, they’re funniest when they go epic and rock out on “Christians in Love”, about wedding night fumbles, or the final singalong number about a boys’ night out.

With a penchant for the puerile and some lame drummer gags, it’s a little more student ball than stadium at the moment. Give them time, though, and Dead Cat Bounce could be coming to an arena near you.

To 29 Aug (0131 622 6552)