Lady Garden: Top Secret Gig, Pleasance Courtyard, Edinburgh

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Returning for their third Fringe, the all-female sketch sextet Lady Garden (featuring the daughter of Jennifer Saunders and Adrian Edmondson, Beattie Edmondson) offer another mix of the clever and the cursory without achieving the perfect blend of their talents and ideas.

Pick of the crop for this season are such quick capers as a church choir singing "All Things Bright And Beautiful" and discovering, at the line "the Lord God made them all", a Darwinist in their midst. Meanwhile, Maeve Binchy fans are depicted as a vociferous football crowd.

This year, there's more emphasis on the group than chopping and changing dynamics but ironically the group ethic was better last year.

When the group get their teeth into something, such as a parody on burlesque, they shine but even here they leave the final lines of sketches hanging in the ether when they should be using quicker blackouts that would better fit the pace of their show.

To 29 August (except 16) (0131 556 6550)