Margaret Cho: Cho Dependent, Assembly George Square, Edinburgh

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US comedian Margaret Cho has never minced her words. She once called Sarah Palin "the worst thing to happen to America since 9/11" and her stance on gay rights has drawn fire from conservatives at home.

Despite her radical credentials, Cho's second Fringe show (her first was in 2001) isn't going to offend anyone unless they happen not to be too keen on smut. Rather than expand upon her activism, Cho seems more concerned with how she looked on Dancing with the Stars, the US version of Strictly Come Dancing, where Cho ended up competing against Sarah Palin's daughter Bristol.

During a relaxed set, Cho's best moments come when she isn't being base – and when she remembers her ability to make salient points in bona fide punchlines. See her take on the gay rights situation in the US. "How can you deny any gay man the right to bridal registry? It's inhumane."

When it comes to her own bisexuality there's so much more in her observations when she takes them outside of the bedroom. Cho describes how she looks for women who can "roll their own tampons" and how she would prefer a gay son, a direct riposte to 30 Rock star Tracy Morgan's horrendous routine about stabbing his son if he were gay.

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