Seann Walsh forced to cancel comedy gig after mistaking Hertford for Hereford

The comedian realised he had confused Hertford with Hereford when his coach arrived 150 miles away from the correct venue

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Comedian Seann Walsh caused a stir on social media when he was forced to cancel his gig in Hertford, after confusing it with Hereford.

Instead of arriving on time for his performance at Hertford Theatre last night, the comic ended up 150 miles away.

He only realised his mistake when he arrived at the station, and took to Twitter to apologise to his fans in Hertford.

He wrote: "Hertford! I regret to inform you that tonight's show is cancelled due to me arriving at Hereford, near Wales. I am so sorry. Please feel free to tweet me abuse!"

The 27-year-old instead posted a string of tweets on the web about his disastrous night to keep his audience entertained, including the moment he realised that his train back to London had been cancelled.

He reported that it had taken him more than four hours to get home, when the journey to Hertford would have taken him 45 minutes.

He added: "Still enough time to let you know I am now further away from my home than I was when I was in HerEford."

Fans reminded him that this isn't the first time he had mistaken one venue for another. Shaun Weager tweeted: "@seannwalsh This is also like when you went to the wrong Hayes."