One Nation Under a Groove... Innit! tomorow Clocktower, Croydon
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The success of Goodness Gracious Me has paved the way for several other British-Asian comedy troupes. One Nation Under a Groove... Innit!, one of the most prominent, follow up their previous hits with "Don't Look at My Sister... Innit!" Claiming to "poke a finger in the eye of all that Asian tradition holds dear", this sketch show sends up everything from Bollywood films to insane eldery relatives.

According to the director, Neran Persaud, "We find the funny sides in things that are not necessarily funny - whether it is an Asian girl falling in love with an NF member or the advances of a pervy uncle. We force people to laugh at things that disturb them."

Croydon Clocktower, Katherine St, Croydon (0181-253 1030) tomorrow

James Rampton