Cultural life: Tricky, musician


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I've been listening to demos of Francesca Belmonte and FiFi Rong because we're producing both their albums now. FiFi is Chinese and her melodies are weird and strange. And Francesca is 25 but she writes like she's been here before, like she's an old soul. Young girls sing soul or R&B and it doesn't sound authentic to me, but Francesca manages to write her soul into songs which is rare.


I mostly watch older stuff, but the last new film I watched was Valhalla Rising, I loved that movie. Then I watched Drive (also directed by Nicolas Winding Refn) and I thought it was rubbish. From the opening scene with the black leather gloves and the toothpick in the mouth it was over for me – so clichéd.


The last British TV programme I was a huge fan of was The Office. Anything Ricky Gervais has done: Extras, even Life's Too Short. I think he is the most talented person England has got at the moment.


I've just read The Ice Man by Philip Carlo. It's about a contract killer for the Mafia, Richard Kuklinski. His dad beat him regularly and his mother was no good, so he'd just become numb. He had a 40-year career of killing people, and his wife and kids had no idea.

Tricky's new album 'False Idols' is out now