Cypress Hill

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One of the highlights of the year has been a resurgence of inventive hip-hop at the expense of gangsta rap. As well as the emergence of new names like Jurassic 5 and Company flow, the climate has changed enough for crews such as Latino LA rappers Cypress Hill (right) to command large audiences again. After three years, they also have a new album - Cypress Hill IV - to tour. Their own little niche in the hip-hop world is as the chief propagandists for the propensities of the fragrant weed, but their live shows have also always provided excitement with plenty of humour thrown in, too. This one-off gig should see them running through old favourites like "Light Another", "I Wanna Get High" and the signature "Insane in the Brain", as well as the newer material.

Brixton Academy, London SW9 (0171-771 2000) tonight

Tim Perry