DAILY BREAD / What the explorer ate one day last week: Sir Ranulph Fiennes

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I started off with some Lyons coffee made in a percolator, with milk and no sugar. Breakfast was two bits of cut brown Hovis, toasted in the Aga, with Frank Cooper's Oxford marmalade and locally-made English butter. When my wife had finished working with the cows at around 11 o'clock she brought me a cup of coffee in the office and some warm, home-made ginger cake. Lunch consisted of Heinz tomato soup, with biscuits and butter and a slice of quiche, with more coffee. Tea was just a cup of tea - I like Miles, which comes from Porlock in the west country. For supper we had Ribena to drink, fried potato slices and a sort of home-made beef stroganoff-type stew, with sliced carrots and cauliflower from the vegetable garden. Then I still felt peckish so I had Sugar Puffs mixed with muesli and milk, then we still felt peckish so we had half a Mars bar each. And at night I always have the same thing - Honegar with hot water. It's cider vinegar mixed with honey, made by Martletts, and it stops you getting arthritis. Out in the snow, we ate dehydrated food mixed with melted snow, dehydrated vegetables with soya flavoured to taste like different meats. You would open a package labelled as chicken supreme, knowing that it was soya inside. When we got hungry, anything tasted good, but I'd rather eat here.

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