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Jeremy James & Company Tue, Wed Place Theatre, London WC1
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Better known as a dancer, Jeremy James is increasingly focusing his energies on choreography. His style draws on urban culture, but is disciplined by a decade of working with Britain's most exacting choreographers - Christopher Bruce, Siobhan Davies, Richard Alston. His touring programme includes Parts - a new piece backed by film and video projection. James is rated classy enough to open Spring Loaded, London's annual salute to the world of contemporary dance. This year's festival lasts for 11 weeks and divides most of its 25 events between the Place Theatre and Queen Elizabeth Hall. Look out for the refined step-making of Richard Alston, the lavish eccentricity of Matthew Hawkins and the guerilla rap- dance of Jonzi-D.

Place Theatre, 17 Duke's

Road, London WC1 (0171-387 0031) 16-17 Feb, 8pm

Nadine Meisner