Dance: Event of the Week - Siobhan Davies's Dance Co 1 - 3 Oct Barbican Theatre

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Siobhan Davies only uses the best. Her lighting is by Peter Mumford, her sets by husband David Buckland and her music by anyone from Scarlatti to Steve Reich. The spare elegance of her steps is assured by dancers like Lauren Potter, Amanda Britton and Paul Old. Davies's latest work, 88, uses the music of Conlon Nancarrow, an American composer who discovered early in his career that the complex music in his head could only be realised by machine. Nancarrow spent the rest of his life punching holes in piano rolls. Siobhan Davies's dancers inhabit his fiendish polyrhythms with a relaxed, almost playful, air. Down in the pit, the pianola virtuoso Rex Lawson gives a live recital on the player piano, his sensitive fingers turning the sterile notes into a performance of warmth and verve. Not to be missed.

Barbican Theatre, London EC2 (0171-638 8891) 1-3 Oct